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Co-Creation Investment Model
Cybernaut upholds the investment philosophy of “co-creation to win together”. Using capital as the basis of sharing, Cybernaut invest in and offer services to the whole life-cycle of entrepreneurship. By providing comprehensive services to the development of regional emerging industries, Cybernaut helps the innovative enterprises validate the business model in the quickest way, and facilitates their further growth and scaling.

Fosterer and Incubator of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Under the leadership of the China's best angel investor Min Zhu, Cybernaut has built up a team with solid technical background and rich experiences in early business founding and investment, both in China and the U.S. Cybernaut has deep understanding in the “maker culture”. By incubating small innovative startups, Cybernaut is empowering industrial development with capital and technology.

Co-Builder of Great Ecosystem Companies
Cybernaut leverages industrial capital and technology to invest in and grow with the startup entrepreneurs, establish a true partnership with them and co-build great ecosystem-level companies.