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Cybernaut, with its unique “co-creation” investment model, fosters great ecosystem-level “internet plus” companies in large-scale, and provide strong support to the accelerated growth of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our major areas of investment:

1. New generation of infrastructure including cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence
The investment, construction and operation of cloud computing and communication network infrastructure, energy internet and transportation networks; the industry application of cloud services, big data and artificial intelligence.

2. The industries with "internet plus"
E-commerce, healthcare, tourism, small-and micro- business services, education, finance, agriculture, culture and innovative manufacturing integrated with internet

3. Regional ecosystem of mass entrepreneurship
Building ecosystem of startup financing and industry financing, combine online with offline industry applications, and facilitating business attraction of the region; Providing services to the regional industries: regional industry planning, “internet plus” group creation buildings, “cloud city of innovation and entrepreneurship”, Cybernaut funds, startup and financing services for small-and micro- business services, talent development, etc.

4. Development of urban international facilities
Construction and operation of urban supporting infrastructure including international schools, international hospitals, international forums, international innovation buildings, characteristic towns, etc.