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Cybernaut Investment Group was founded by Mr. Min Zhu, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley in 2005. Upholding the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, leveraging technology, capital and internationalization, Cybernaut provides comprehensive services to the development of regional emerging industries in China. As one of China’s leading private equity fund, Cybernaut focuses on emerging industries with strong potential of integration and value as a platform. It gathers supply-side factors to support the development of emerging industries through the open platform of our “co-creation” investment model, nurtures the vitality of regional innovation and entrepreneurship through our nationwide “city co-creation” program, and dedicates to helping with the “internet plus” transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, fostering world-leading forerunners of emerging industries, and empowering businesses with internet and capital.

Cybernaut, with its internationalized resources and background, has rich experiences of innovation, startup and getting funding from capital market in both China and America. It has access to top-level domestic and foreign venture capital, possesses successful cases of helping enterprises to reorganize business structure and reconstruct value through merger, acquisition and other means of capital operation, and is well-known for its full-fledged capability of multinational resource integration, globalized vision of development and the world-leading technological resources and reserves.

Cybernaut Investment Group

The unique investment strategy and effective “integrated innovation” model of Cybernaut has created successful cases in many areas of investment, established a solid brand name in the community of capital, business and the general public, and maintained comprehensive and multi-level government relationship in China.

Cybernaut, with its spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as its good investment performances continuously proven by history, is attracting excellent talents from various industries and with different backgrounds. The company now has several hundreds of successful partners around the globe and manages funds with amount exceeding RMB200 billion, providing strong support to the accelerated growth of innovators and startup entrepreneurs.


Industry Position

2017 - China’s most influential investment institution

2016 - Ranked 15th among China’s Top 100 venture capital firms

2015 - Forbes China's best venture capital firms

2014 - Forbes China's best venture capital firms

2014 - China’s Top 50 venture capital firms

2013 - Ranked 9th among China’s Top 50 foreign invested venture capital firms

2013 - China’s Top 10 venture capital firms focusing on early-stage investments

2013 - China’s Top 10 clean technology investment agencies

2013 - China’s Top 10 advanced manufacturing investment agencies