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FPI (Shenzhen GEM Stock Code: 300203)
Focused Photonics Inc.
FPI is the world's leading provider of environmental and safety testing equipment and services, and is also the domestic market leader in this area. FPI has the international first-class team of R&D, marketing, application service and supply chain, and delivers only the cutting-edge technologies of analytical instruments. FPI has successfully been listed on Shenzhen GEM on April 15, 2011.
Spreadtrum (NASDAQ Stock Code: SPRD)
Spreadtrum is the world’s leading manufacturer of TD-SCDMA mobile phone chips. It has successfully developed China's first GSM / GPRS (2G / 2.5G) core chip / software and system solutions, produced the world's first TD-SCDMA mobile phone chip core with breakthrough core technology of mobile communication terminal. Spreadtrum was successfully listed on NASDAQ on June 27, 2007, becoming the first China concept stock in 3G area.
Merit Interactive (Shenzhen GEM Stock Code: 300766)
Gexin Hudong
Zhejiang Merit Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd,is a push technology service provider based on big data, providing push SDK to APP developers on Android and iOS, Getui can help its clients effectively increase active level and user retention. The “smart push” launched by Getui in 2014 contributed in fine operation. The “scenario based push” Getui launched in 2015, based on big data user profile and the geographic fence technology, can achieve precise capture of the scenario and the real-time delivery of the message.
We Doctor Group
We Doctor Group (formerly called Guahao Network) is a state pilot Internet hospital. It has hosted 1900 key hospitals, 6700 academic leaders, 200 thousand vice-chief or chief doctors and more than 110 million real name registered users. It provides full services ranging from registration, online diagnosis and treatment to electronic prescription online. As of 2015, it has cumulatively provided services to more than 500 million patients, saved 40 million working days for people. We Doctor has been the professional medical service platform and mobile Internet service entrance for medical treatment.
ZBJ is the China's largest e-commerce service platform, China's largest micro-enterprise service platform, the country's only whole industry chain platform for small and micro enterprises. In 2015, Cybernaut invested 1.6 billion to ZBJ and Chongqing local government co-invested 10 million, in order to help ZBJ to build the country's largest entrepreneurship service platform. In 2016, ZBJ will deploy its service base with Cybernaut around the country.
Lianlian Technology
Lian Lian Technology
Lianlian technology is committed to provide convenient payment services based on the Internet and mobile Internet. Lianlian developed the payment platform "air recharge" and it has become the largest prepayment deposit service partner of China Mobile and been the leader of China's small financial payments. In 2011, Lianlian obtained $200 million strategic investment from American Express to create an international finance platform.
Zhejiang Xinzhou bamboo-based Composites Technology Co., Ltd,is the world invention unit of bamboo winding composite materials, with a ministerial Engineering Research Center. Leading the national dual carbon strategy, using bamboo winding technology to make full use of China's idle bamboo resources and straw resources can reduce 700 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.
Shanghai Pudong Software Park (SPSP)
Shanghai Pudong Software Park
SPSP is the center of software products, technologies and talents in Shanghai and even the whole China. SPSP has five service modules which are technical support and network communication, talent training and exchanges, business consulting and promotion, enterprise incubation and investment and relevant living facilities respectively. SPSP continues to introduce high-level talents and enterprises, constantly enhance its core competitiveness, and strive to be the first-class industrial park in the world.
Astronergy is the first enterprise capable of mass production of thin film solar cells in China. It focuses on developing and introducing cutting-edge photovoltaic products. Astronergy is one of the companies which have whole PV industry chain in China, able to provide the users with single cell components, polycrystal cell components, and the “amorphous / microcrystalline” high-efficiency thin film cell modules. At the same time, Astronergy is the first company to provide users with a full set of hardware products and photovoltaic system construction services with the full support of its parent company Chint Group.